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VITAS IN CHINA 2006-2015

Did you know that there is a
Mars Crater named in Honor of Vitas?

"The Wedding Planner"
27 October 2013.

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VITAS KARAOKE/ Витас Караоке

       NEW! - The 7th Element Karaoke 
         For DJ-remixers, please download the full .wav files here:
      If interested, please send your finest remix work to Vitas' Producer, Sergey Pudovkin at:


 Opera #2
 Opera #2 vers.2
 Opera #2 FM Remix
  The Star
 The Star (version 2)
 A Kiss as long as Eternity
 Bird of Happiness
 Bird of Happiness (version 2)
 Lucia Di Lammermoor
 Cranes Crying
 My Swan
 In the District of Magnolias
 Bitter Honey
 Fortune Teller
 I ask all Saints
 Love While you Can
 The Birds have Flown Away
 An Autumn Leaf
 A Sea Song
 Oh God, how I love
 In the Chamber
 Beloved Motherland
 Half Day, Half Night
 Swans Faithfulness 
 Say You Love
 See You Later
 Shores of Russia
 Shout in a Whisper
 Even the Stars look like Letters
 Through the Years
 Without You
 Wait a While
 The Travelling Artists 
 The Wind Sobbed
 The Star (instrumental)
Karaoke Sources:
Vitas Kiss - - PahangDragonbird -  Vitas Bossom
Opera #2 Piano Sheet Music
The Star Sheet Music
More Sheet Music
Source: Radost Galonja
Extra Terrestrial Friend
Who will respond
Bird of Happiness

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